Former Stratford resident and convicted killer Justin Primmer facing new charges

Laura Cudworth

By Laura Cudworth, The Beacon Herald

Justin Primmer

Justin Primmer

A former Stratford resident with a history of violence is facing new charges.

Justin Primmer, 29, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with assault in connection with an incident during the first week of January. No details have been released about the incident.

Primmer stabbed Bill “Bonesy” Welch to death on Oct. 19, 2003. He was on bail for a previous assault at the time. Welch made a living doing odd jobs and bootlegging beer.

Primmer, then 19, and a friend showed up at Welch's home and got into a fight. Primmer stabbed Welch five times. Welch was able to name his killer before he succumbed to his wounds.

Primmer pleaded guilty to manslaughter and served five years of a 10-year-sentence. He got out of jail in 2009 and was back in jail last year.

He was just released in the fall after serving a six-month sentence for a vicious assault on Desiree Gallagher, who's still in hospital after the attack.

Gallagher was left with 14 screws in her spine and a portion of her skull removed to relieve swelling in her brain after plunging seven storeys from the balcony of Primmer's London apartment.

The circumstances around the fall are still under investigation. Primmer went to jail as a result of pictures found on his phone of Gallagher's badly beaten face.

Primmer considered moving back to Stratford after his release but has since moved to Huntsville.

In addition to assault charges, he is also charged with failing to comply with probation. He will have a bail hearing in Bracebridge on Friday.