So much dismay for winter this season

By Mike Jiggens, Special to Delhi News-Record

Winter—at least officially—is down to its final week. Spring begins March 20.

Spring usually conjures up thoughts of hanging up the parka in favour of a lighter jacket, seeing the ratio of green grass to white snow increase on a daily basis, and watching the days get longer. For the moment anyway, the parka is destined to get some extra wear and the snow doesn’t seem to be in any rush to yield to grass. The days are at least getting longer.

Two years ago, “summer” got underway at this time of year with temperatures of 20 or more degrees Celsius coming out of nowhere and sticking around for a couple of weeks. It was heavenly, but not something we could count on happening on an annual basis. The exact opposite is occurring this year.

Winter just does not want to let go. We were teased with a taste of spring late last week and into the first couple of days this week, but then winter decided to make a return. The coming weekend looks promising, but the long-range forecast from there on in isn’t what we’re accustomed to for the latter half of March.

I’ve never heard so many people in my life express their dismay for winter as they’ve done this season. It arrived early, has been much colder than normal, and has offered little in the way of short breaks which would help to reduce the level of snow cover. So here we are, already in the middle of March, and we still have a significant snow cover. Meanwhile, temperatures are taking their sweet time reaching levels that will not only help beat down the snow, but will contribute to our level of personal comfort.

Like many others in this area, I’m anxiously awaiting the start to golf season. In a normal year, I’m literally counting the number of days about now until my first round. That’s a bit more difficult to do this year. There’s really no telling how soon it might be before our local courses are ready to open for the season. By the time the ground has adequately thawed, the snow has completely melted and all surface moisture has drained, golf season is likely to begin at least two weeks later than normal.

There is a mountainous snow bank sitting in the one corner of the Delhi German Home’s parking lot. The fact that it’s still about two storeys high at this time of year speaks volumes about the winter we’ve experienced this year. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see the last remnants of the bank still there by May 1.

The overwhelming disdain for winter among most people had better not give way to anyone whining about how hot it might be this summer. I’ll take a hot summer anytime over a cold winter. It’s still a long way off before temperatures rise to the point of extremes, but I, for one, will not forget this winter anytime soon once that time arrives. Even with temperatures reaching 35 degrees with off-the-scale humidity, I will be grateful for the change from what we’ve had to endure these past few months.

Spring will eventually arrive in more than just name, and golf courses will open for play shortly afterward. Until then, I’ll have to ignore the voices coming from the basement that I suspect are my clubs pleading with me to take them out to play.


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