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By Jacob Robinson, Simcoe Reformer

Norfolk's Kolton Stewart returns to his starring role as Jarvis Raines in the YTV show 'Some Assembly Required' in the Season 2 premiere tonight at 7p.m.
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Norfolk's Kolton Stewart returns to his starring role as Jarvis Raines in the YTV show 'Some Assembly Required' in the Season 2 premiere tonight at 7p.m. David Leyes Photo

Jarvis Raines is back, and Kolton Stewart couldn't be happier about it.


Stewart — a 15-year-old Lynedoch native who plays Raines on YTV's 'Some Assembly Required' — returns to his starring role in the show's Season 2 premiere tonight at 7 p.m.

After the completion of Season 1 last February, the cast and crew waited four months for the green light on another go-round.

“It was a long waiting period with all of us wondering,” Stewart said from his Norfolk County home. “No one knew, even the head office at our production company was very uncertain. So when we finally got the email, all of us cast (members) were very excited. We had such a good time season 1 and we would hate to just do one season of the show.”

Stewart plays a character that has his house blown up by a home chemistry kit, and after taking the manufacturer 'Knickknack Toys' to court, becomes owner of the company. Raines proceeds to hire a number of his high school friends to be part of the business' newer, kid-friendly direction.

Fresh off filming 18 new episodes, Stewart feels strongly about the progression of the show for a variety of reasons.

“We were getting new scripts every week so we were kind of learning our characters as the episodes were going on,” Stewart said of the first season. “In Season 2, I think we all had a better grasp of each of our characters and how to deliver our lines better. I think overall Season 2 is a very good character-development season.

"We have a really good balance from scenes that are very emotional and touching and scenes that will throw back to comedy.”

Last year, the filming of Some Assembly Required episodes were basically all finished before the show made its debut, meaning Stewart and the cast didn't get much of a chance to watch their work and make adjustments. The St. Frances Cabrini grad got a better idea of what worked and what didn't, and applied those things during the most recent stint of filming.

“I'll look at it and will critique myself,” Stewart said. “Coming back for Season 2, being able to see a whole season on TV just gave me more awareness and caution of what I need to do on camera and what looks good on camera ... Hopefully it turns out as I planned.”

Not only has Stewart relished the opportunity to star in a TV show, but he's also taken advantage of the project's Vancouver-based studio location. Being on the west coast has allowed the performer to work on his singing chops as well as acting. Stewart's popular YouTube channel includes a handful of mainstream covers, but he may well add some original work soon.

“I've been able to go to L.A. quite a bit and I've been able to work with a bunch of music producers,” the teen explained. “I've been recording a bunch of original songs that hopefully I can start giving to record labels, and hopefully a record label bites and I'm able to pursue a music career.”

Stewart would like to follow in the footsteps of the industry's top stars like Justin Timberlake – a dual threat at the box office and recording studio. He's also developed a love for behind-the-scenes jobs like video editing and directing along the way.

“I'm slowly getting recognized in public venues and that's a great thing for me because my main goal is to be a really successful actor/musician ... I'm really happy about how it's all coming together,” said Stewart

“I'm so humbled that kids or whoever want a picture with me. Sometimes it's weird because I don't even understand why, but it's cool that it's starting to happen and it's a lot of fun.”

Despite making his mark thousands of miles away, Stewart has never forgotten his roots in southwestern Ontario.

“I have a lot of good friends here and I have a lot of good support (from) my old school, St. Frances and really, Norfolk is a great place to be,” he said. “I was so homesick so I'm really happy to be home and see my friends again and see everybody. Norfolk is a great place.”

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