Police take Norfolk man into custody following home invasion in Silver Hill

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer



A Norfolk man was arrested this week following a terrifying home invasion in Silver Hill.

Police were called to the hamlet around 4 p.m. Tuesday after a naked man broke into a house on Charlotteville Road 8 near Forestry Farm Road.

After he was confronted by the homeowners, the suspect retreated to the basement. He soon emerged brandishing an undisclosed weapon. The homeowners vacated the residence while half a dozen OPP cruisers raced to the scene, according to police.

Police – including a member of the OPP’s Emergency Response Team – surrounded the house. They checked neighbouring houses to ensure they were empty.

As well, firefighters from Norfolk Fire & Rescue were summoned to the area and placed on standby over fears the suspect might burn the house down.

Roads in the immediate vicinity of Silver Hill were closed while police decided what to do. Before 5 p.m., they raided the home and took the suspect into custody.

“The officers responded in an appropriate manner and responded before it turned into a bodily harm or property-damage incident,” Insp. Zvonko Horvat, chief of the Norfolk OPP, said Wednesday.

The accused was treated for minor injuries at Norfolk General Hospital. During the course of the investigation, police determined the suspect had attended the Silver Hill Community Cemetery and had forcibly gained entry to a gardening shed in the hamlet.

Const. Ed Sanchuk, spokesperson for the Norfolk OPP, said police are investigating to determine whether Tuesday’s incident was the result of a mental health crisis or whether substance abuse was a factor.

“That will be part and parcel of the investigation,” Sanchuk said Wednesday. “The investigation is ongoing.”

Mitchell Joseph Gee, 35, has been charged with unlawfully entering a dwelling house, three counts of mischief under $5,000, and failure to comply with a probation order.