Man pleads guilty in drug-fuelled rampage

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer


A Norfolk man who broke into a home and terrorized a Silver Hill family last fall will be sentenced next month.

Mitchell Gee, 36, of Silver Hill, pleaded guilty at the Norfolk County courthouse this week to break and enter to commit arson. He will report for sentencing Oct. 24.

Justice Kevin Sherwood heard Thursday that the defendant was under the influence of methamphetamine on the afternoon of last Oct. 18 when he committed a series of crimes in the Silver Hill area.

The most serious involved breaking into the home of a family on Charlotteville Road 8, near the intersection of Forestry Farm Road.

Assistant Crown attorney Gracie Romano said the accused – who was naked -- obtained a pair of scissors inside the home and tried to attack the occupants.

Before the occupants vacated the house, a man grabbed a club and hit Gee over the head. After the occupants left, Romano said Gee stabbed himself in the torso and in the head with the scissors.

The incident prompted a massive police response. The area around the crime scene was cordoned off and traffic re-routed. A pumper truck from Norfolk Fire and Rescue attended the scene in case there was a fire, which there was.

Romano told the court that Gee shrouded himself in a blanket in the home he broke into and then backed into flames from a kitchen stove. It was then that police stormed the residence and took Gee into custody.

“They (the occupants) believed they would be stabbed when he grabbed a pair of scissors,” Romano told the court.

“They reported he had been ranting and raving. The back door was broken in and there was blood everywhere.”

Gee also is charged with unlawful entry, three counts of mischief under $5,000 and failure to comply with an undertaking. Those charges have yet to be addressed.

The judge has requested a pre-sentence report.