New pathway site of Trail Day walk


The public is invited to join members of the Norfolk Pathways for People as they mark Trail Day in Norfolk on Sunday.

This year's outing will take participants to a new pathway in Long Point.

“Every year we celebrate Trail Day in Norfolk on the last Sunday in September,” Gord Mason, chair of Norfolk Pathways for People, said in a media release. “This year’s destination will highlight the new shared pathway along Erie Blvd. in Long Point.”

The new pathway for pedestrians and cyclists was part of the reconstruction of Erie Blvd. earlier this year. The pathway goes from the west end of Erie Blvd. to Pike Lane.

“The shared pathway is a significant piece of infrastructure that supports safer active transportation for residents and visitors to this very popular summer destination,” Michele Crowley, health promoter with the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit, said in the release. “Adding a reduced speed limit of 40km/hr throughout the summer months and Long Point becomes a lot safer for everyone.”

The mission of Norfolk Pathways for People is to promote pathways for walking and cycling in the county for health, recreation and active transportation. It also holds two trail events each year.

“Our coalition does a lot of behind the scenes advocacy work to support improvements to Norfolk County’s trails and roadways that allow for safer walking and cycling for all ages and abilities,” said Mason. “These trail events allow us to connect with the public to talk about our other activities.”

Sunday's event starts at 2 p.m. Participants are asked to meet at the parking lot at the northwest corner of Erie Blvd. and Pike Lane.

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