Resident says sewage smells sickening family

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer

Norfolk County

Norfolk County


Norfolk County is standing firm in the face of complaints that the new sewage treatment plant in Delhi is stinking up the neighbourhood.

John and Valerie Hanselman own a home on Western Avenue in the vicinity of the plant.

In a letter to Norfolk County, the couple says unpleasant odours have been a problem since 1976. They were assured that a recent $19-million rebuild of the plant would solve their issues but they say that hasn’t worked out.

The Hanselmans say the problem comes and goes but is more or less constant. During peak periods, the family complains of irritated nasal passages, watery eyes, headaches and nausea.

“If you require witnesses to this odour problem and by way of sworn affidavits, I can provide you with several,” John Hanselman says. “One person has confirmed that if this matter goes to court that person will gladly support us and act as a witness.

“I am sitting here, in my home, dictating this letter and having to be subjected to sewer odour in our house once again. Not very pleasant.”

Hanselman is a lawyer in Delhi with a long-standing practice on Eagle Street. He says Norfolk public works has ignored the issue for too long and should do something to fix it.

This week, Lee Robinson, general manager of public works, says no one so far has produced evidence that the new plant is producing nuisance fumes.

Robinson said the Ministry of the Environment has inspected the situation and found no cause to issue orders.

“We have found no indications of these odours,” Robinson said Tuesday. “We have also checked with the neighbours and there are no complaints there either. We are in compliance.”