Norfolk man gets 18-month jail term for sexually assaulting younger sisters

By Susan Gamble, Brantford Expositor

Simcoe courthouse. (FILE PHOTO)

Simcoe courthouse. (FILE PHOTO)


A joint submission to send a young sexual predator to jail for 18 months was accepted in Simcoe’s Ontario Court despite the judge’s “very real rage” about the crime.

Justice Gethin Edward said he wanted to yell at the man, who can’t be named so as not to identify his victims.

“Part of me desperately wants to express very real rage toward you for what you’ve done to the innocence of your younger sisters,” Edward told the 23-year-old. “You took advantage of them in every possible way.”

The Norfolk man pleaded guilty to sexual assault and sexual interference, admitting he was driven by an addiction to pornography to act out what he saw.

He enticed his younger siblings with “candies and favours,” said the judge during the man’s sentencing hearing last month.

The man was charged with the offences in December 2016. Since that time his family, including his sisters, has expressed forgiveness.

“To their credit, they have embarked on their own path of healing without me screaming at you for your transgressions,” Edward said.

“I hope you never forget the generosity and spirit they have shown toward you. It is something I don’t think I would ever be capable of doing.”

The judge went on to say the family should be applauded for modelling the forgiveness they have and his hope is that they will work tirelessly to ensure the girls “are not forgotten and never for one second ostracized and never made to feel they are at all to blame” for the man’s actions.

Gracie Romano, speaking on behalf of the Crown attorney’s office, summed up several of the victim impact statements, including one by the man’s eldest victim and the man’s father.

The young woman said she had forgiven her brother and eventually would like to have contact with him again, but that his crimes had changed how she felt about her body.

The father said his son should eventually be allowed to return to the family. He said his daughters are doing well.

Romano said the recommendation of 18 months in jail reflected the steps the man has taken to deal with his problems and that, but for his confession, his crimes might never had come to light.

“He’s shown extreme remorse in interviews with police.”

Defence lawyer Peter Karsten said his client understands he needs help with his problems.

The man declined the judge’s invitation to speak to the court.

Edward said the joint submission is reasonable. He recommended the sentence be served at the Ontario Correctional Institute in Brampton.

The man will remain on probation for three years and must not communicate with his sisters or be near them unless he gets permission from his probation officer and the Haldimand-Norfolk Children’s Aid Society.

He’s prohibited from using weapons for 10 years, must get counselling and cannot own or access pornography. The man will go on the sex offenders list for life and must submit a sample of his DNA for the national offender databank.

“I’ve been a judge for 20 years,” Edward said.

“This was a hell of an emotional experience for me because of the anger welling up inside of me. You are very fortunate to be in a family as forgiving as your family is and I wish you the best in your rehabilitation.”

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