Annoying advance green at Decou intersection to disappear

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer

Traffic light at Norfolk Street South and Decou Road in Simcoe. (Simcoe Reformer file photo)

Traffic light at Norfolk Street South and Decou Road in Simcoe. (Simcoe Reformer file photo)


Relief is coming to motorists who have long wondered about the traffic lights at Decou Road and Norfolk Street South in Simcoe.

This week, Norfolk council gave the public works department permission to reconfigure the traffic lanes at the intersection. The project will involve getting rid of the advance left-turn arrows in both directions.

The arrows are meant to facilitate left-hand turns onto Decou Road and into the Sobeys Plaza.

More often than not, the arrows engage and no one has to turn, stalling traffic at the intersection for nearly half a minute. When told this was about to change, Norfolk Mayor Charlie Luke said it’s about time.

“I get all kinds of complaints about those advance greens,” Luke told Norfolk council Tuesday. “If no one is turning left, why do we need them?”

Once the intersection is modified, motorists will make left-hand turns as traffic flows allow.

Lee Robinson, Norfolk’s general manager of public works, said the intersection likely would have been modified long ago were it not for the bylaw passed during its signalization. The bylaw says that public works can’t make adjustments to this particular intersection without council approval.

There are 21 signalized intersections in Simcoe. Simcoe Coun. Peter Black asked if public works could notify council members by email anytime they adjust a traffic light in Norfolk.

Robinson said this would not be a wise use of staff time given the frequency with which signals are tweaked across the county.