Traffic beacon on Prospect St. a non-starter

Norfolk County

Norfolk County


Norfolk County wants to do something about traffic problems on Prospect Street in Port Dover but it doesn’t want to break the bank in the process.

Speeding has been a problem on Prospect Street since motorists on Cockshutt Road began using it as a bypass to Highway 6 west of Port Dover.

Public works was asked for a solution. This week, the roads division suggested a flashing traffic beacon at the intersection of Prospect and Tisdale Road.

The beacon would flash red toward traffic on Tisdale that needs to stop and amber for traffic passing through on Prospect.

This would alert motorists to the possibility of traffic entering the intersection from the north. But under the circumstances, this measure would cost the county about $30,000 to install.

In a report to council, county engineer Gary Houghton said the beacon is so expensive because the hydro infrastructure in this location is inadequate. Houghton says the county would need Hydro One to install a pole in this location before the safety measure could proceed.

Based on the cost, council rejected the suggestion unanimously.

“This is a local road,” Simcoe Coun. Peter Black said. “People using this road know they need to slow down. They know the situation here. I can’t support the $30,000.”

Traffic records indicate there has been one collision at the intersection of Tisdale Road and Prospect Street in the past six years.