Traffic irritant corrected in Delhi

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer


As one of its last acts of 2017, Norfolk council last week dispensed with a traffic irritant in downtown Delhi.

For the past two years, right-hand turns on a red light from Church Street West onto James Street have been forbidden.

Norfolk council approved the bylaw in 2016 because staff was not sure motorists could react quickly enough if someone heading south on King Street materialized from around the bend in front of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The safety measure, however, caused unforeseen problems of its own.

The main one involves traffic backing up on Church Street West behind vehicles that want to turn right but can’t. This, on occasion, prevents motorists in the Pioneer gas bar parking lot from exiting onto Church Street West.

Norfolk council rescinded the bylaw Dec. 5. From here forward, right-hand turns from Church Street West onto James Street are legal.

“You have enough time to see if something is coming around the bend,” Delhi Coun. Mike Columbus said. “If you’re turning right and see something coming, you can deal with it.”