Firefighters rescue stranded dog


If it’s not a cat stuck up a tree, it’s a dog stranded in the water after falling through the ice.

Norfolk firefighters were summoned this week to rescue a dog in distress on a frozen pond near Port Rowan.

The call came around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday after a dog with vision problems wandered out onto a large pond. The dog crashed through the ice and was unable to extricate itself.

“When firefighters arrived, the dog was in the water with its front paws on the ice but was unable to pull itself out,” Michael Atkins, a fire prevention officer with Norfolk Fire & Rescue, said Thursday in an email.

“Firefighters wearing special ice water rescue suits made entry into the water and rescued the dog within minutes of arriving.”

Atkins added there are lessons here for humans as well as pet owners when it comes to ice safety.

“As the seasonal temperatures continue to drop and ice is beginning to form, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind residents to be cautious on and around ice,” he said.