Wait times fall at NGH





Wait times continue to decline at Norfolk General Hospital.

According to the latest data on the Health Quality Ontario website, the length of stay in emergency for all patients from the time they visit triage to when they are admitted to a bed is 9.8 hours.

This is well below the provincial average of 16.1 hours.

“It’s definitely a team approach,” Kim Mullins, NGH’s emergency department director, said in a release.

“We look for the most effective way to get our patients triaged and into the department zeroing in quickly on our sickest patients. From there the wait for an inpatient bed will depend on factors such as getting the results from diagnostic tests, and having an appropriate inpatient bed available.”

Many people, from doctors and nurses to custodial staff, play a role in improving wait times, Mullins noted.

“NGH is very proud of how groups from front line staff representing different departments have pulled together to examine patient flow,” the release states. “They know the work and how to eliminate inefficiencies, those things that do not add value for patients.”

“It is important that we always take our patients’ concerns to heart,” Mullins added.

“If their experience has not been to their expectation we want to know right away. We want to work on not only improving our wait times but we want to let our community and patients know why they are waiting so they can make their own informed decisions.”

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