Simcoe native to star in sketch comedy festival

Jacob Robinson

By Jacob Robinson, Simcoe Reformer

Simcoe's Kyle Forsyth, a part of The Boys Club comedy troupe, will perform at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival in March. Submitted Photo

Simcoe's Kyle Forsyth, a part of The Boys Club comedy troupe, will perform at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival in March. Submitted Photo


If his Simcoe Composite School classmates were to bet on which one would pursue a career in comedy, Kyle Forsyth would’ve produced long odds.

“I was never interested in acting, drama, the arts or anything creative too much in high school,” said the 24-year-old Forsyth. “But in my spare time I liked making little videos trying to make people laugh and trying to create projects, but I never really considered it a career idea.”

During a year studying at the University of Waterloo, the Simcoe native became interested in sketch comedy and realized a future in being funny was indeed possible.

“I Googled ‘comedy college’ and there was one in Toronto,” Forsyth explained. “Once I knew that I couldn’t not know that.”

Though his two years in the “comedy writing and performance” program at Humber College, Forsyth met a group that would form the core of The Boys Club.

The troupe writes and stars in sketch/standup performances twice a month at The Comedy Bar, a place Forsyth calls “the kind of underground comedy gym in Toronto that people gravitate to”. It’s the place you can find Forsyth when he’s not working his day job at Pearson International Airport.

“After college, we just wanted to create another outlet for ourselves where we could perform whatever we wanted to,” Forsyth added. “So we thought we’d make one of the more unique shows in Toronto.”

The group recently caught the eye of a selection committee member with the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. They’ll be on this year’s bill, which features 12 days of performances from some of the funniest folks in all of Canada from March 1 to 12.

“It’s fantastic,” said Forsyth. “The festival happens once a year but we’re here all year-round, we meet (the other performers) at all sorts of different (shows) and there are usually a lot of troupes that come in from out of town too so you get to meet them and see what they’re all about. Getting accepted is always great.”

At the event, The Boys Club performers will be afforded a half-hour of stage time, but their regular shows tend to last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. With a roster that includes Ben Beauchemin, who plays Gerald on the CBC show Kim’s Convenience, The Boys Club is described online as “arguably Toronto’s most unique live comedy experience.”

Despite his travels, Forsyth said his most dedicated fans still reside in Norfolk County.

“My parents have been great, they support everything I do,” he said. “They always are looking forward to the next step for me and whatever it is that I’m striving for.”

For anyone thinking about making the trip to see The Boys Club, Forsyth has a piece of advice.

“You can expect the unexpected,” he said.

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