County business resumes March 20

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer


Norfolk council is taking a two-week break from local politics.

Last summer, council realized that it tends to meet more often throughout the year than other municipalities its size.

Council has also recognized that the transition from winter to spring is traditionally a time of lighter agendas and shorter meetings.

In June, council approved a two-week break for March, 2018, on a trial basis. Council’s next scheduled meeting is March 20.

“With anything new we always return to evaluate,” county clerk Andy Grozelle said Monday in an email.

“However, this break is much shorter than the summer and winter holiday break so we anticipate there will be minimal to no impact.

“If something urgent requires council’s attention the mayor will call for a special meeting.”

Grozelle added that another benefit of taking a break at this time is that it encourages senior management to book holidays at what is generally recognized as a slower time of the year for municipal business.