Are you a councillor for all of Norfolk?

By KEITH ASHLEY, Special to Simcoe Reformer

Norfolk County

Norfolk County

With a local election on the horizon I believe it is time for the electorate to be asking many questions to each of those running for officePersonally, I have one favourite question for which the late John Race could not get an answer no matter how much he tried: "Are you going to be a Norfolk councillor or are you just going to be a Port Rowan, Simcoe, Port Dover, Waterford, Langton or Delhi councillor?”

Until that question can be honestly answered that they are truly a Norfolk councillor, then our county does not have much future in solving the problems it has.

Is there a priority list of the things that the next council can tackle? What are the Number 1, 2, 3, etc. problems that must be fixed? How bad is the eroding infrastructure? Should the public be aware of these problems so they have a better understanding of the need? Should one area have a new summer water pad or should another have clean, safe water to drink?

We do not need to hire another company to come in and tell us what the problems are. We have elected officials and an abundance of staff to do that. If they are not aware of the problems and the urgency of the problems then the electorate has not done a very good job in the previous election and the council has not done a very good job in its hiring practices.

We need to find out from those intending to run for office just what their views are of Norfolk and where they can fit into the the running of this county. A councillor or candidate in one ward should be as aware of the other wards as they are of their own.

Already it is apparent that some who have thrown their hat into the ring have an axe to grind and we do not need a single-focused councillor. It would be interesting to know the number of councillors and candidates who took the recent Imagination Walk around Simcoe. Our downtown is a Norfolk downtown.

In the next few months we should be having meet the candidates nights where the electorate can meet the candidates from all areas of Norfolk (or should that be just Norfolk?).

Once I wrote about changing the ward system. I still believe that is an answer to making every elected official a truly Norfolk one.

Take the geographically centre of the county and cut , like a pie, into eight pieces. It is interesting to see how each councillor would be in three or four different areas. Not only that but there might be a number of councillors in any one area. Just another random thought from outside the box.

The end of July is a busy time in Norfolk. There are many activities across the region. Here in Simcoe in a two-week period we have an ice cream festival put on by the Lynn Valley Lions - July 28-29.

At Lions Park from July 27 - 29, the Simcoe Lions and the hometown Simcoe Braves are hosting the Provincial Championship Fastball Tournament. It is good to see that fastball is making a comeback in the area and providing a much needed boost for fastball fans. There will be teams from every part of the province so let's get out and support this tourney.

On the weekend of August 3 - 6, the annual Lynn River Music Festival take place in Simcoe's park system. The list is too long to mention everything that will be there so let's just say everything will be there. By the way, the food is terrific.

Another fun summer in good old Norfolk.