Mike Jiggens, Special to Delhi News-Record


What do you really mean by that?

Have you ever noticed while watching a sporting event on television or perhaps a show such as Sports Centre, and a young hockey player or other athlete is being interviewed, and the first two words out of his mouth following virtually every question are, “I mean...?”

Allegations of wrongdoing have lasting impact

I touched base recently with a college classmate of mine from 33 years ago whose name came up in the news as part of the continuing controversy surrounding comedian Bill Cosby.

Readers' comments are entertaining, off-the-wall

One of the things I’ve come to enjoy in recent years when it comes to catching up on the day’s news is to read the “reader comments” which are tagged at the end of news stories on the Internet. Letters to the editor printed in newspapers are usually enjoyable to read, but only so many are printed due to space limitations (or a lack of them). As for

Isn't hockey a winter sport?

Today is June 25 and there may still be one last game of hockey to be played tonight to determine the 2013 Stanley Cup winner. As of this writing, the sixth game of the series had yet to be played on Monday, so maybe it was all over then. Regardless of when the playoffs officially ended, we’re still a mere few days away from July.

Weeding through true Facebook 'friends'

A little more than four years ago, I joined Facebook, finally giving in to the persuasions of others who told me, “Oh, you should join Facebook. It’s a great way to reacquaint with others from your past and stay in touch with your family and friends.”

Females in a men's world still a sensitive issue

Don Cherry stirred up another hornet’s nest Saturday night during his Coach’s Corner soapbox on Hockey Night in Canada. This time, he sounded off about the presence of female sports reporters in NHL dressing rooms.

Breaking a sweat over trivia

Last week’s Trivia Challenge Night at the Belgian Club proved to be another overwhelming success, but, like past years, it came with a price: a few more grey hairs and some stressful moments.