A whale of a tale in Los Cabos

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What are the chances? I’m seated in a Zodiac in Los Cabos Mexico, ready to go out on the Sea of Cortes to see whales, when I start chatting with the couple behind me.

Come to find out, they were both born and raised in Ontario.

How cool is that?

Sheryl and Paul Alexandre, now Torontonians were, like me, on their first trip to Los Cabs. And like me — they loved it.

Los Cabos is located in the Baja on the long finger of land that extends along the west side of Mexico. Long known as a kind of "hippie getaway" type of place, the region, which includes the large metropolis of Cabos San Lucas, and the smaller quieter city of San Jose, the area has become a "go to" destination for the Hollywood crowd.

It’s a favourite vacation spot for Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler and the super-rocker Sammy Hagar owns a bar there called Cabo Wabo. It’s reported that he shows up periodically to jam there, but I didn’t see him.

One well-spoken tour guide showed us (from a long distance away, mind you) a large and luxurious subdivision along the coast where Julio Iglesias has a place, and where Oprah Winfrey just bought a house.

But I didn’t go to Los Cabos to see celebrities. Far from it. I went to kick back, get some sun, each fresh, unprocessed food and recharge my solar battery.

And I got all that and more. Back to the whale watching.

Cabos Adventures was the tour provider and they did a fine job. Luis, our guide, provided a very informative and ecologically responsible three-hour experience that was satisfying for the soul. Our boat, as opposed to some of the other tour operators stayed back, so we didn’t interfere with the whales too much.

It’s a sensitive time for them as the impressive and majestic mammals migrates down from the north Pacific to give birth.

We saw a few grey whales, dozens of porpoises, as well as sea lions. And of course, the famous arch where the last bit of land marks where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes meet.

Besides the wonderful experience of the sea, the climate was the best I’ve experienced down south. The land is a desert where it only rains twice a year. However, the heat is tempered by the ever-blowing trade winds. Comfortable during the day and cool at night.

No humidity and you gotta love that.

The all-inclusive four-and-a- half star Holiday Inn Resort Hotel was clean and the service was impeccable. The ocean front room afforded a spectacular view and the expanse of beach rivaled that of Tofino, B.C., which is another place I love.

The Alexandres enjoyed it too and were kind enough to email some pictures. The couple said they had a great vacation in Los Cabos "The Capes" and had a tough time leaving, as well.

Although the U.S. government is warning its citizens not to go to Mexico for non-essential travel, I felt perfectly safe. But part of that reason is because the world’s leaders are meeting there this June for the G-20. You call tell the area has been secured and its spic and span.

Although Los Cabos is a six-hour flight from Toronto, it’s only four hours back thanks to the favourable wind.

Would I do again? In a heartbeat. And I think the Alexandres feel the same.