James verdict a judicial win for pedophiles

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Graham James, a dangerous repeat offender, getting just two years?

Exposing this incurable, sadistic pedophile to more young boys? In just two years but probably much less? It can only be called a Santa Claus sentence. He could easily be home by Christmas, to begin the hunt for new victims.

This is yet another example of a judge ignoring the pleas of the victims, delivering a sentence that was only a third of what the prosecution asked for, choosing to side with a child rapist instead.

Why? Because the judge was swayed by James’ demonstration of remorse, or that the media exposure was its own penance? His public humiliation a major mitigating factor? That James was simply confused, that he was in love with these boys? That he didn’t think he was raping them?

People across this country are outraged. I’m outraged.

Canada’s become a Disneyland for sex predators. The judge took more than an hour to talk about the case before making the ruling, discussing many points that she felt were relevant. There were three that I will never forget.

Point No. 1: She said the media scrutiny of Graham James was tough on him, giving her a reason to lighten his sentence. Are you kidding me? His feelings of personal embarrassment an excuse to reduce his sentence? What about the victims who had to overcome their own embarrassment and bravely step forward to reveal their own wounds to public scrutiny? They exposed their own raw nerves to get justice and they’re expected to feel sorry for this molesting monster?

Point No. 2: The judge indicated that she believed that James had sought help and implied that he was a better human being today than the days when he was assaulting Theo Fleury, his cousin Todd Holt and so many others.

You’ve got to be joking!

If he’s so remorseful for his actions, why does he keep cozying himself up to new potential victims, coaching young boys in Spain where his reputation hasn’t caught up with him? He’s like a perverted alcoholic that keeps going back to the bar and he will not stop.

Point No. 3, and this was the weakest point of all: She took seriously the idea that until James went to prison the first time, he didn’t know that he was assaulting young men.

He had some kind of an epiphany in prison, implying he had some sort of conversion. Until that epiphany, all those years that James was raping boys, he thought it was all about love.

Ladies and gentlemen, how can I look you in the eye and say we have justice in Canada? How can I tell you that the law is looking out for the vulnerable? Canada’s intelligence was insulted by a person in robes committing naked aggression against our faith in democracy, justice and the rule of law. Victims need to come first. We need real justice for the victims of Graham James. Canadians know the difference and they’re outraged.

It’s time for our justice system to wake up. We need real justice for victims of sexual predators before more innocent children have their lives destroyed. And that’s Canadian common sense.