Video shows Rafferty, McClintic as happy couple

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Startling videos shown Wednesday at Michael Rafferty’s murder trial show him and Terri-Lynne McClintic as a happy, loving couple a month after Victoria “Tori” Stafford’s death.

The security videos were taken at the Genest Detention Centre in London, Ont., on on two separate days in May 2009, when Rafferty visited McClintic after she was arrested.

The video from the visitors’ lounge has no audio but shows the pair hugging, laughing and holding hands.

At one point Rafferty picks up McClintic from behind and lifts her off her feet in a playful bear hug.

After Rafferty leaves, McClintic looks wistfully out the window as he walks out to the parking lot.

Defence lawyer Dirk Derstine told court Rafferty was an unwilling dupe and McClintic masterminded the murder of Tori on April 8, 2009, a month before the first video at the detention centre was taken.

McClintic, 21, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in April 2010 and her testimony has formed the basis of the Crown’s case against Rafferty.

Rafferty, 31, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, kidnapping and sexual assault causing bodily harm.

Earlier Wednesday, Ontario Provincial Police Det.-Const. Gordon Johnson presented the court with a detailed chronology of the calls, texts and messages sent and received from Rafferty’s BlackBerry on April 8 and in the following weeks until his arrest on May 19.

The records showed about 150 calls, texts and messages on April 8, the day Tori disappeared on her way home from school.

Her body was found July 19, 2009, hidden in garbage bags and under rocks in a wooded area of a farmer’s field near Mount Forest, Ont.

On April 8, Rafferty made a series of calls, texts and messages to Charity Spitzig, Elysia Haid and other girlfriends, as well as drug associates of McClintic.

For two periods of about 90 minutes there wasn’t any outgoing activity from his phone.

Johnson said the communications bounced off cell towers in Woodstock, Guelph and Mount Forest. The locations and times correspond to earlier testimony from McClintic.

McClintic and Rafferty continued to call each other almost daily after her arrest on May 12 and Rafferty attended her court appearances in Woodstock.

A Genest staff member who escorted McClintic to Woodstock testified that Rafferty spoke to McClintic on May 14 as she sat on a bench outside the courtroom.

A Genest manager explained that Rafferty was listed as McClintic’s boyfriend on a list of approved contacts and was allowed to call her and visit. McClintic was allowed to call Rafferty from a house phone at Genest.

The prosecution team is expected to wrap up its evidence Thursday and Derstine will begin to present his case on Thursday.

He would not disclose if he would call Rafferty to testify.