High-class, high-tech

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If you’re like most people, your office space consists of a particle board desk and a worn-out swivel chair. Perhaps, however, you aspire to toil at a handsome mahogany desk, surrounded by many leather-bound books? Even if your place doesn’t have anything remotely resembling a "study," a touch of luxury can go a long way. Classic design and carefully chosen materials lend extra class to these otherwise everyday gadgets. If your taste for the finer things in life is an inherited trait, remember: Father’s Day is only a few short weeks away.

Looking for a vessel for a romantic mp3 mix, or perhaps something to house your collection of Baudelaire e-books? By name, the TopSecret USB drive may sound like it’s been programmed to self-destruct in 15 seconds, but it’s actually an elegant porcelain (yes, porcelain) memory stick meant to be sealed with a melted wax stamp, like sensitive letters and documents in the olden days. You can select the colour of the body, the wax seal and the letter on the stamp. (You can also choose from 2GB, 4GB and 8GB versions of the drive.) The kit sells for about $80 at topsecretusb.com, and pre-sealed versions are also available.

The African padauk casings on Audio-Technica’s ATH-ESW9A headphones not only elevate their look beyond the usual black plastic, the company claims the wood also contributes to the set’s acoustic resonance. The leather earpads keep you comfortable, and the flat-folding design and provided pouch will let you stow them away with ease — but with a finish this fine, who would want to hide these from view? Style aside, these earphones have earned rave reviews from music fans of all stripes (though fans of punishingly heavy bass may want to search elsewhere). Find them for $349 US at amazon.com.

If you need to take your tunes with you while away from your abode, the brilliant tortoiseshell finish on Nixon’s The Wire earbuds will perfectly match your horn-rimmed specs. They come equipped with a microphone, so you can accept a call while listening to music on your phone, and a three-button remote that will let you control your music. The set also includes three silicone earbud tips for a custom fit — how luxurious. They’re $80 at nixon.com.

Those who want to cut down on clutter in the pockets of their tailored threads may want to check out the BookBook, a stylish combination wallet and iPhone case masquerading as a tiny leather-bound tome. Flip open the "cover" and there’s just enough pockets for your ID, cash and a few cards. The design leaves your headphone and charging ports free, and if you want to take a photo with your iPhone’s back camera, the design allows for you to slide the phone up a few millimetres so you can get the shot. The leather is hand-distressed to get that "vintage book" look — be prepared for strangers to ask what you’re reading. It’s selling for $59.99 US at twelvesouth.com.