No memory of Magnotta at Toronto strip clubs

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Members of Toronto’s gay community are distancing themselves from Luka Rocco Magnotta, the porn star accused of mailing body parts of a man he killed and dismembered.

A woman identifying herself as an ex-girlfriend of Magnotta is quoted in the latest edition of Xtra magazine saying the pair dated for a month in the spring of 2006.

This was around the same time Magnotta left his job as a dancer at Remington’s, a gay strip club on Yonge St. However, those who oversee the club can’t recall the 29-year-old blonde-haired escort ever being employed there.

“I can’t confirm anything,” Remington’s general manager David Auger said Thursday.

Magnotta, whose birth name is Eric Clinton Newman, also goes by an alias of Vladimir Romanow.

George Pratt, the former owner of Remington’s and current co-owner of Flash on Church St. couldn’t be reached for comment, however a longtime patron of the members-only club said no one recalls seeing Magnotta in the Village.

“There’s no recollection of him being around here,” said the unidentified man outside of Flash. “That includes the strip joint down on Yonge St. and here as well. We saw the photograph and no one in the area recognizes him.”

The man said many likely won’t speak openly about Magnotta because some people are drawing links to the gay community and the alleged murderer and wanted fugitive.

“We’re horrified by the whole thing and nobody wants to talk about it,” he said “I don’t see where the emphasis is coming from, because what he did isn’t ‘a gay thing.’ The inference is really upsetting.”

Tim Lambrinos of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada said the RCMP and police have not contacted the industry or the clubs. The only person who has made that claim was the so-called girlfriend in the magazine, he said.

“There really isn’t any connection,” he said.

“None of the entertainers who work there now, worked there then. There are some customers (Auger) is going to inquire with and it doesn’t seem to be a link to the story anyway, because what he was doing last New Year’s would have more of an impact on his behaviour than back then.”