Could Magnotta hide as a woman?

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Did you go to school with Luka Magnotta in Toronto, when he went by the name of Eric Clinton Newman? Do you have yearbooks of him? Please contact the Toronto Sun City Desk at 416-947-2211 or e-mail

The whole world is searching for a Canadian man who goes by the name Luka Magnotta.

But could the alleged ice -pick murderer and cannibal be travelling on the lam disguised as a woman?

Not only does forensic artist Diana Trepkov think it’s possible, she even spent Thursday doing a drawing to help police services around the globe in their quest to arrest the 29-year-old for the alleged homicide of an unknown Asian man in Montreal.

“When I looked at his features I said to myself, he could easily pass for a woman,” the artist who has assisted many police services in the past who is also author of Faceless Voiceless: From Search to Closure. “I have studied faces for so long, it is my passion and I can honestly look at someone when studying and see the underlining skull. The face can’t hide.”

As of press deadline, Magnotta’s whereabouts were unknown but there are many unconfirmed theories of him travelling last week to France.

Several policing sources say as far as they can tell “there has been no passport activity” of a Luka Magnotta in the past several weeks.

But could he have slipped out of Canada under an alias?

Perhaps as a female?

The one-time porn actor and stripper, who in a 2007 interview at the Toronto Sun building denied rumours he was dating schoolgirl killer Karla Homolka, has boasted online about being able to secure new identities and offered tips on how to “disappear.”

He also talks in previous posts of holding “secrets.”

Known for operating under alter egos, he could be anywhere and travelling as anyone.

One cop source said he appreciated seeing this drawing by Trepkov because “everybody is looking for a man so it’s good to consider also looking for someone dressed as a woman.”

Nothing in this sick and twisted case, which was seen as a snuff video posted for millions to have access to, is being ruled out.

There are now reports from the London Sun that say six months ago Magnotta met with reporter Alex West concerning allegations he was involved in an Internet kitten-killing spree.

But e-mails he is believed to have sent later are chilling.

“It’s fun watching people work so hard gathering all the evidence, then not being able to name me or catch me. You see, I always win. I always hold the trump card and I will continue to make more movies. London is wonderful because all the people are so stupid. It’s easy. So, I have to disappear for a while, until people quit bothering me. But next time you hear from me it will be in a movie I am producing that will have some humans in it, not just pussies.”

The writer then followed with “once you kill and taste blood it’s impossible to stop.”

Several police officers here say their files are being dusted off.

“When this is done, they will make movies on this case,” said one.

The hunt for Magnotta is on, and although nothing is iron-clad, most police services are operating on the theory he is alive.

“He is brazen and seems very smart,” said former Toronto Police homicide detective Mark Mendelson. “It’s like he’s taunting police.”

Mendelson believes “it’s possible” that he could travel as a woman “but it’s only a matter of time before he wants to come out and show himself again.”

Magnotta is clearly an attention seeker.

“But that same technology he is using to promote himself can also work against him in getting caught,” said Mendelson.

A police source said it is possible he could be travelling under a female’s passport and perhaps with female credit cards. He has been before the courts for such allegations before.

“But he also could still be in Montreal and it’s all a ruse,” said the officer.

There is a fear there could be more victims or potential future victims.

While there are unsubstantiated reports of a mysterious death of a relative in Peterborough and the many bizarre exchanges on the web, there are also indicators of some normal aspects of Magnotta’s childhood — including spending at least some time living with his father Don Newman in a West Hill suburb in Scarborough. Neighbours remember a boy named “Eric” being at the home on Pepper Tree Dr. and attending nearby schools including Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.

Up until perhaps a year ago he is also believed to have lived in an apartment at 100 Parkway Forest Dr. in North York.

But the big question is not where Luka Magnotta has been, but where is he now?