Be dad's favourite

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Browsing aisles full of "World’s Best Dad" coffee mugs for the fourth year running? This Father’s Day, get Dad a gift he can actually use. According to a new survey from, 48% of fathers say they would appreciate the gift of tech this year, with 41% of those respondents saying they’d be most excited about a tablet — also the top pick for moms this past Mother’s Day. Whether he’s a true techie or just appreciates the finer things in life, a well-chosen gadget will have him thinking of you year-round.

FOR THE MANCAVE DWELLER: Whether he’s a sports nut or a movie buff, this dad can usually be found basking in the glow of his home theatre. If you’re looking for a low-impact way to bring your dad’s beloved flat-screen to the next level, try a sound-bar speaker system on for size. Samsung’s HW-E450 sound bar creates "virtual" surround sound without taking up the space needed for an entire suite of speakers. It also includes a wireless subwoofer that can go anywhere in the room to further heighten the effect. It’s HDMI and Bluetooth compatible, and can be mounted flat on the wall; if you really want to treat dad right, volunteer to set it up for him. It’s $349.99 at Future Shop.

FOR THE SHUTTERBUG: Does your dad have a collection of negatives or photos from back in the day collecting dust in the garage? Amateur photographers might get a real kick out of a film scanner like Epson’s Perfection V330, which can handle 35mm film, negatives and old photos, as well as larger documents or pieces of artwork. If those pics are looking a little worse for wear, there’s software included that makes image alterations like colour restoration and dust removal easy. There’s also a "scan and stitch" utility that can digitize the larger images that wouldn’t normally fit onto a scanner screen. It’s $124.99 at

FOR THE SHARP-DRESSED MAN: Thanks to the march of time, countless once-hip dads have fallen prey to the sartorial dark side (a.k.a. socks with sandals). For those dads who have held on to their cool, pick a gift that blends a classic, timeless appeal with unfussy effortlessness. The Business Bag in Ranger Leather from Roots is a safe bet. It’s clean yet rugged, and is certain to age gracefully (not unlike your old man). It’s 14 inches wide, big enough to accommodate most laptops, and features a handy zippered pocket in the back panel that will keep a cell phone within easy reach. Also a solid choice for the aforementioned sock-and-Tevas-wearers — they could use a nudge in the right direction. It’s $298 at Roots stores and

FOR THE MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING: Maybe you’re desperate for a fail-safe gift idea — and willing to dig deep into your pockets to make it happen. Maybe Father’s Day is just a really, really big deal at your house. Either way, I submit that very few people in this world would turn down a $7,000 massage chair. Panasonic has unveiled the EP-MA70 massaging recliner, which features heated ceramic massage heads for an extra-relaxing experience. The chair can massage your muscles in 3-D — that’s up and down, side to side, and toward and away from you — and features modes that will stretch out your shoulder, pelvis and leg muscles, using airbags to hold you steady while the massagers do their work. There’s also a number of pre-programmed full-body massages, and you can program and customize your own rubdowns, including speed and intensity. For when a homemade coupon book for free backrubs just won’t cut it. It’s a cool $6,999.99 at