No brave face for Bachelorette

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This week the Bachelorette takes her men to romantic Croatia where she continues her search for American love in different countries, this time leaving her daughter behind.

The Mississipian Travis gets the first one-one-one date. I feel like he’s one of the “Oh, I didn’t know you were still around” guys on the show. I actually had no idea he existed. Maybe I’m a bad fan.

Plus, I’m pretty sure now that I think about it, he was the dude who carried around that egg a while back, which is super weird. I’m surprised he’s made it this far. Who does that?!

Emily takes him for a walk around town, which seems like her signature date idea. Maybe she was a tour guide in another life.

The couple dance around and stand on a statue that’s supposed to bring love. Emily is disappointed when Travis didn’t strip down by taking his shirt off.

Clearly, Travis wasn’t ballsy enough and he gets sent home after the date. How anti-climactic.

For the group date, the guys get a special screening of Pixar’s Brave. It’s hard to avoid the fact that this is a total advertising opportunity for the movie and no group of men would be thoroughly interested in a kids film.

But, in the land of "The Bachelorette" I guess guys will do anything for love.

After that they go up to the mountains as they do their take on the Highland Games inspired by Brave. In their cut-off shirts the guys start to get competitive, but this time in kilts while riding donkeys. Hot?

Emily sits pretty and watches, as usual.

“Bravery to me is doing your own thing despite what everyone else thinks,” she says. “I don’t care about muscles.”

Yeah right. All of the guys have huge muscles so you must care a bit, Miss Bachelorette.

Sean really dominated the games and proves his uber-manhood. But Chris snags a kiss despite being by far the weakest competitor of the date. Maybe he has a fighting chance.

Once they’re back inside, Arie goes in for a sloppy and awkwardly aggressive kiss that left my girlfriends on the couch saying, “Ew” in unison. Oh, Arie, you’re really slipping in terms of hotness.

Hipster Jef is still a sweetheart and if Emily felt he wasn’t showing her how he felt, this week he definitely is. He tells her he’s starting to have feelings for her after giving her his jacket.

“I’m frickin’ crazy about you,” he says. Awww.

In the end, Chris gets a rose proving that maybe bravery really is only skin deep — or something like that.

Next up is Ryan on the one-on-one, his second this season. I think it’s time we see if he’s sincere or just out to win a prize.

They head off oyster fishing where Emily shows she’s really not a huge fan of oysters but can still be southern-belle polite to the captain by saying she enjoyed it. Isn’t she a keeper?

Ryan, however, proves he’s not someone to keep around when he drops the “trophy wife” card, like he has in the past, and Emily is not impressed. Hasn’t he learned by now that if you disrespect her, she’ll send you packing?

As if that isn’t bad enough, he racks off a list of 12 things he wants in a woman and it finally clicks for Emily that he does not make her list of things she wants in a man.

Thank goodness.

He actually tries to argue with her when she says she can’t give him a rose. He really is that cocky. Go home Ryan! You need a new brow wax.

Back at the house Arie comforts Emily with another sloppy make-out session. He definitely makes the most moves out of all the guys. But, I wonder if she’s really that into him? He’s kind of losing points with me due to his neediness.

She tells Doug, basically, that he needs to step it up which ends up with Doug basically sobbing on camera.

Is it just me, or do the guys cry a lot this season?

Now on to the promised dramatic rose ceremony from last week. She gives out all but one rose leaving John ‘Wolf’ (Why is he still here?!) and Doug.

She leaves with no explanation saying she can’t make up her mind. I hope this means she is sending both home! All us girls are very excited.

Outside, Emily talks to Chris who tells her there are no rules when it comes to the process of finding love and she goes back in.

When she tells them she can’t give out the final rose you can see both hearts break at the exact same time. It’s pretty sad looking and you can’t help but feel a bit bad for them.

But, wait! Chris comes in with two roses and she lifts their hearts out of the dumpster as she hands out two roses instead of one. Horrible.

She really needs to get the show on the road and get rid of the guys she has no connection with.

Scenes from next episode look equally as dramatic as this show was promised, so I’m not going to get my hopes up since this week did not deliver.

It looks like next week my man Arie is in the gutter with some drama with a past lover (my friend tells me it was with one of the shows producers … eek!).

I guess next week we’ll see some true colors come out.