‘Bachelorette’ picks her man

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Who will she choose?! It’s finally time for Bachelorette Emily’s final rose in what ABC calls the most dramatic television event of the summer. I guess it’s time to see if they’re right.

It turns out Emily is still unsure whether or not the guys should meet her daughter. She’s weary since her breakup with Bachelor Brad Womack since “last time, it didn’t really work.”

Meet the parents

First up meeting her family is Jef. He brings flowers for her mom and sister. Awww. Smooth move.

Her mom quips that Emily is looking for a guy who is willing to wait on her hand and foot. Emily objects, but I’m not convinced. She definitely seems like a bit of a princess.

Jef tells Emily’s mom that he’s set on marrying her and set on being a great dad. Mom tells him that he has all the things Emily is looking for.

Careful momma, we don’t want to get his hopes up do we?

Ernie, Emily’s brother is definitely a bit intimidating. He could squish Jef with a single finger.

Ernie tells the story of Emily’s late fiance, Rick, and how no guy has lived up to her expectations of what Rick was like. It’s the first we’ve heard of her past with her baby daddy. It makes sense that it’s been hard for Emily to settle down.

In the end, her brother concludes that “all the ingredients are there” for Jef and Em.

Jef then talks to Emily’s dad where he goes right into asking for his approval to propose to Emily. Daddy says yes, he approves.

That was easy. Her family seems very impressed.

Tough act to follow

Arie looks quite dashing in a blue shirt as he arrives to Emily’s family mansion.

Is everyone on this show rich as hell? You must have to own a mansion or a ranch in order to get casted by the looks of everyone’s houses.

Arie’s nervous babbling is sort of awkward. He’s not as much of a sweet talker as Jef, that’s for sure. But, it’s sort of endearing. He’s nervous and it shows but he’s really trying hard to impress.

He saved every rose Emily gave Arie and gives it to the family and it touches Emily’s mom’s heart.

Mom says that she expected to not really care for Arie since Jef left such an impression but now she’s torn over who she likes more.

Emily’s brother seems more laid back with Arie. Probably because Arie has normal dude hair. Arie brings up the fact that he’s dated a single mother before again. He’s really playing that card strongly since he brought it out with the mom too.

Ernie the brother is now just as confused as the mom.

Arie asks for her dad’s blessing as well and dad hesitates before giving his approval.

Leaving, Arie says he’s pretty sure he’s the one who is going to get engaged to Emily in the end.

Now Emily is confused about how she feels, just like her family.

I’m confused too, but for a different reason. Why does Emily gets picked up in heavy duty SUVs all the time yet the guys are left wandering down her huge driveway alone? Hm.

Family matters

Emily’s whole family is torn over which guy they prefer.

Her dad says that he doesn’t believe that someone can love two people.

“I believe you can love two people in different ways,” Emily says. She’s getting defensive feeling her family is dancing around which guy they like more and keeping their choice from her.

Her mom agrees that it might be tough to introduce Ricki to the guys and says that maybe Emily should wait on an engagement and see how the guy acts around Ricki before accepting a proposal.

“I don’t know who to chose. It makes me wonder if any guy here is for me,” Emily says. “I’m not sure I’m ready to get engaged. It’s a lot of pressure on me and my daughter.”

The first tears of the night begin with Emily and she pulls away in her SUV.

Last date, last tropical island

Emily takes the guys and Ricki to Curacao to have their final dates. She’s still not sure if they should meet Ricki.

Jef gets the first last date. He says there is still some uncertainty because he wants to meet Ricki yet he tells Emily he’s not stressed about the final rose.

He says that just because he hasn’t met Ricki, “it isn’t like I haven’t been thinking about [Ricki] every day.”

He’s so cute! I’ve said it before, but everything he says seems so perfect. He should write a manual for men, in my opinion. Maybe we’d all be better off with a little Jef charm in our lives.

He asks her how she would feel if she was him and didn’t get to meet Ricki. She says it would feel weird.

Awkward silence.

Is this their first fight?

Emily breaks the silence and says that since she’s so confident in Jef that she wants him to meet Ricki that day.

“I have all the faith in the world that this time will be different than last time,” she says. Referring to introducing her ex, Brad, to her daughter.

I wonder if Arie will get the same treatment? It seems like Jef talked her into it. I doubt Arie would be so persistent. Arie would rather just make out.

Jef meets Ricki back at the chateau they’ve been staying in. Ricki shows Jef all her pool tricks. Jef gets in the pool with her and Ricki seems to be having a blast.

He seems a bit nervous and a bit out of his element. Sort of uncomfortable looking, but he’s probably just nervous.

It was a bit awkward to watch, especially in the end. Kinda boring too.

“What I feel for Jef is different than anything I’ve felt in a long time,” Emily concludes.

Their romantic dinner date later goes pretty much just as every other date they’ve had this season. It’s a bit boring.

Emily tells him that Ricki asked if he could come back tomorrow.

“I’ve never been in love like this,” says Jef.

He gives her a book as a gift that signifies their journey together and he’s drawn stick figures of them throughout the book.

Emily definitely looks a bit sad throughout the date. You can tell her mind must be racing with what she’s going to do and she probably feels a bit guilty playing “love” with Jef when in the end she might send him home.

The big dramatic twist

Host Chris is called in to talk to Emily before her last date with Arie. She’s feeling confused and is still not sure what she wants in the end. She’s not sure whether or not she wants a proposal.

Chris offers no advice really. Instead he just brings up Arie and makes her cry and asks her what she thinks she wants to do.

She says she just feels awful and that it’s not fair to him and she wants to tell Arie that she’s in love with Jef.

WOAH. What is happening!? She’s going to dump Arie before the final rose!

I feel so deceived by all of the stupid spoilers I read these past weeks that all said Arie was the one.

This is nuts.

A surprise heartbreak

Why are they letting the poor guy pick out an engagement ring? Oh my God. He’s about to get dumped. This is torture.

The SUV pulls up. Emily looks so sad. This is heartbreaking.

Emily starts sobbing. Arie seems to have no idea what’s about to come. He’s silent. Emily keeps sobbing.

This is at least the most real breakup I’ve seen on any season I’ve watched. Arie says he’s shocked.

She explains herself but I’m sure he doesn’t get it. He instead stops her and gives her a kiss on the cheek before walking away. She runs after him (why!?) and he says “good luck, I don’t know what else to say.”

“What do you want!?” he snips. “Thanks for saving me the embarrassment of tomorrow.”

He gives her a hug and she walks him out. He seems so mad, which I could imagine. Yet, he still gives her a final kiss on the cheek.

Now, she’s the one without the SUV as she sits in the park and continues to cry. Sad.

Arie swears about how he felt so stupid and deceived.

“I feel like I give way more than I get,” he says. The waterworks come as you can see reality set in for the poor guy.

Cue shot of the entire live audience in near tears. A bit dramatic but I’d be lying if my eyes didn’t water up too.

A perfect engagement?

Emily seems a lot different now that she cut Arie off. She seems a lot lighter.

“He’ll be the perfect dad,” she says about Jef as she gets ready.

She seems very confident in her choice and I also can’t help but feel hopeful that this will work out. The Bachelorette’s seem to have better luck than their counterparts, with both Trish (married still and two kids with the guy she chose) and Ashley (wedding date planned with her winner), both were successful in finding love on the show.

Emily puts on an extremely fancy dress and states that she’s still not sure if she’s ready to get engaged in the end.

Jef, on the other hand, is wearing the tightest pair of dress pants I’ve ever seen. Keeping his hipster style ‘till the end.

As she stands waiting for Jef, Emily says she is still questioning some things.

“If Jef proposes I’m not sure if I’ll really be able to do it,” she says.

Jef walks up and looks calm as he gives Emily a huge hug.

“I love you, so so much. I knew you were the one for me,” she says.

She tells him she sent Arie packing and Jef was the only one lucky enough to meet Ricki.

Jef isn’t as estatic as I’d imagine but he gives a heartwarming speech.

“I promise if you let me into your life and into Ricki’s life, you’ll never feel alone again,” he says.

He gets down on one knee and Emily sighs. Will she do it?

YES! She will! SHE SAYS YES.

Cue sappy montage of them falling in love over only a matter of weeks with the corniest and worst song ever playing in the background. It’s like a song my dad listened to when he was 17. It sort of ruins the moment.

Well everyone, that’s it.

A happy ending for one. A heartbreak for the other. And a big huge rock for Emily.

All we can do is wish them the best of luck.