The Voice fails to deliver originality in premiere

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Battling The X Factor this fall, season three of The Voice promises a twist that will change the show forever with “better than ever” talent.

This season, the winner will walk away with a Universal Music Group recording contract with and The Voice title.

To kick off the new campaign, the four judges sang a group number “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones. Christina Aguilera donned her token corset, Adam Levine rocked his hipster look, CeeLo brought in this year’s white suit theme, and Blake Shelton looked country chic as always. Each judge is looking for 16 singers for their team.

First was Scottish rocker Terry McDermott, a Beatle look-alike, who underwhelms with his performance of the Who’s “Teenage Wasteland”. He sang nearly the whole song until the final until the three male judges hit their button.

Terry chose to go with Blake — an odd choice for a rocker.

Next was De’Borah in all pink, who represented what The Voice is all about this year — that the look doesn’t always match the sound. However, she was a perfect match for CeeLo’s new companion, a Pepto-pink parrot. Cute.

De’Borah, not the bird, sang “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train for her song. It was a bit rough but managed to get rotating responses from CeeLo and Christina (which, didn’t surprise me). De’Borah ended up with Ms. Aguilera.

In the previous two seasons, Christina typically ended up with a team full of “misfits” which are all the singers that don’t fit into a particular genre.

The first folksy-voiced chanteuse was Gracia Harrison, who planned to yodel her way onto someone’s team. Blake turned around within five seconds of hearing her country twang, (typical). Christina hesitated with her button, but didn’t press it. Adam and CeeLo also turned around. Despite CeeLo begging to be her cowboy sweetheart, she chose the obvious choice: Blake.

Garrett Gardner, only 16, rasped out C.C.R.’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”, and sounded older than his age. Unfortunately, his croaky voice ended up sounding amateur, resulting in not one chair being spun.

Singing one from Christina’s discography, “Ain’t No Other Man”, was Devyn Deloera, who took the noble risk of falling on her own sword on The Voice stage, she said. She didn’t really do the song justice, but Christina turned around anyhow. Adam and Blake followed to see the face behind the voice. Devyn ends up choosing Chrsitina, which was definitely a score for team Xtina.

The first to turn all chair, Bryan Keith, rocked with “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars. Still, he wasn’t anything special at all. Adam said he’s dying to have Bryan on his crew, and he ended up winning Bryan over. It made sense, but he really wasn’t that impressive.

A rejected singer from last year, Daniel Rosa was back to try again at the blind auditions. For round two he sang a rendition of “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye. Last season, the judges said he had pitch problems. This season Rosa, didn’t sound too shabby. CeeLo and Blake recognized him instantly as they turn around, flashing huge grins. Rosa ended up joining CeeLo, which seemed like the right fit.

Jamaican Anita Antoinette thanked her mom and sang Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry”. She had the spirit but unfortunately didn’t turn any chairs with her Berklee College of Music degree. Adam said she didn’t deliver and CeeLo agreed.

Poor song performance, took the cake for Anita but the judges let her sing it again, a capella before she left the stage. Her redemption, although met with a standing ovation, never turned a chair.

Joe Kirkland, a failed frontman, sang All American Rejects’ “Gives You Hell” and instantly turned Adam and Blake’s chairs. He cranked the tune out real good and is a contender for the boy-band fanbase’s votes, that’s for sure. Teen girls will love his emo edge. He chose team Adam, which was a natural choice for a leader-in-waiting.

Another country girl, Jessica Sharpe, was ready to win over Blake’s heart. Unfortunately, her version of the classic Dusty Springfield ditty, “Son Of A Preacher Man”, lacked and no one turned around for her, even though she drew out the last note.

Last up was Trevin Hunte, an 18-year-old garbageman. Singing Beyonce’s “Listen”, he got an instant turnaround from Christina. Blake and CeeLo soon followed, who both encouraged Adam to hit his button too. He didn’t.

Again, Trevin wasn’t that special but he hit some pretty intense notes. He picked CeeLo, which definitely seemed like another good fit for his R&B vibe.

Overall, the show wasn’t mind blowing. No one did any interesting covers and no one really had a new voice. A highlight of the show was definitely last year’s reject Daniel Rosa who did an awesome job on Gotye’s hit.

Tomorrow night, the blind auditions continue as the four judges fight to fill up their teams.