Palm trees, pyramids top Canadians' dream destinations

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Honolulu, European capitals, Egypt’s pyramids and Disney World are among Canadians’ top dream destinations, according to a new poll from RBC Travel Rewards.

The 2012 RBC Travel Rewards survey asked rewards card holders across Canada to name the destinations and attractions they most want to visit. For the second year in a row, Honolulu, Hawaii was named the most desirable destination, receiving 13% of votes.

European cities followed, with Paris (12%), Rome (11%) and London (9%) being the top dream destinations for Canadians on the continent. Egypt’s Great Pyramids (18%), Machu Picchu (11%), Disney World (10%), Canada’s Rockies (9%) and the Great Wall of China (9%) were named the top tourist attractions Canadian travellers dream of visiting.

“The results show that Canadians value their vacation time, prefer far-flung locations and are cost-conscious travellers who like to plan,” Donna Lue-Atkinson, vice-president of Global Loyalty Programs and Rewards at RBC, said in a press release. “By planning ahead and effectively using your travel rewards points, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation filled with memories without breaking your budget.”

The RBC survey also focused on Canadians’ travel habits, finding that for 67% of us, budget is the top consideration when planning a trip, followed by family desires (49%) and availablity of good travel deals (45%). Most Canadians (56%) say they book their travel online, while 19% prefer to visit a travel agent, 12% book over the phone and 8% ask someone else to book for them.

Of Canadians who plan to travel this year, 40% plan to go for a week, 49% plan to go for two to three weeks and 18% plan to travel just for the weekend.