Are Canadians vacation deprived?

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Do you use all the vacation time allotted to you by your workplace every year? If you don’t, you’re not alone.

The results from‘s 10th annual Vacation Deprivation survey reveal about 19% of the Canadian population is letting their vacation time go to waste. Still, we’re much better at taking time off than we were 10 years ago when 33% of Canadians didn’t use all their vacation time.

According to Expedia’s survey, 81% of Canadians use all their allotted vacation time – up from 67% 10 years ago, – with residents of B.C. most likely to take time off. Just 13% of West Coasters said they didn’t use all their vacation time this year.

Canadians living in the Prairies were the least likely to book days off, with 25% of respondents saying they took less vacation time than they were entitled to this year.

In Alberta, 15% of residents didn’t use all their vacation time, followed by Atlantic Canadians (18%), Ontarians (21%) and Quebecers (21%).

“After 10 years studying working Canadians’ vacation habits, it’s great to see we’re growing more comfortable taking off the time we deserve,” Sean Shannon, vice-president and managing director of Expedia Canada, said in a press release. “Seeing new places, immersing in a culture, fulfilling a lifelong dream to visit a destination, and even just enjoying a warmer climate are experiences we should make time for because of the immediate and long-term benefits travel has on our professional and personal lives.”

Respondents said cost (26%) and trouble coordinating schedules with family (21%) were reasons they didn’t take time off.

Even Canadians who use their vacation time, though, can’t seem to get the workplace off their minds, with 59% of respondents admitting they regularly or sometimes check work email or voicemails while on holiday.

“Regardless of anyone’s position on the corporate ladder, there are real benefits to ‘falling off the grid’ and focusing on enjoying your holiday,” said Shannon. “Despite the challenges we sometimes experience catching up with work after returning from vacation, there’s no doubt that those who take the vacation time they are given come back invigorated, happier and de-stressed.”

Canadians receive an average of 15 vacation days a year, according to Expedia’s survey.