2-year pay freeze in new Ontario public sector workers deal

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The Ontario government has reached a tentative deal with more than 35,000 of its workers represented by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

A statement issued by the government says the two-year agreement would, if passed, freeze wages for two years.

Details of the deal cannot be released publicly until OPSEU members have ratified it, the statement says.

OPSEU had been planning a show of force at the Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention in Toronto later this month.

“Be there early in the morning to ‘greet’ delegates as they enter the convention,” a notice on the OPSEU website says. “Send a strong message: no more privatization fiascos; restore free collective bargaining for the education sector; a compassionate and prosperous Ontario for everyone.”

The union was organizing buses to bring in members from outside Toronto.

Premier Dalton McGuinty has been trying to wrap up negotiations with major public sector worker groups in the last few months of his tenure.

Negotiated agreements are in place with doctors, government managers and some major teacher unions.

Contracts were imposed on the province’s public school elementary and high school teachers.