Winter storm headed to southern Ontario

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Southern Ontario is bracing for yet another winter storm Tuesday night that’s expected to make Wednesday-morning commutes difficult and dangerous.

The storm, headed north from the U.S., will bring a mix of rain and snow as temperatures hover around the freezing mark.

"As we move through the day on Tuesday, things start to gradually go downhill," said meteorologist Chris Scott at "It starts initially in the southwest and by the dinner hour, precipitation moves into the Greater Toronto Area."

Scott said how the storm affects you depends on your "proximity to Lake Ontario and how high you are in elevation."

Anywhere north of Highway 401 — from Kitchener-Waterloo to Peterborough and Ottawa — could see 15-25 cm of snow by Wednesday.

Areas south of 401 are more likely to see a slushy mix of rain and snow, with the forecast calling for 10-20 mm of rain and 5-15 cm of snow.