Desiree is the unluckiest-in-love Bachelorette

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In one of the most saddest and shocking seasons in Bachelorette history, we can’t help but wonder why Miss Desiree Hartsock can’t catch a break. She’s cute, sweet, and so open to finding love yet she’s only been dealt sketchy, lying, mind-changing cards this season.

With just two men left, it’s up to Desiree to pick between Chris, the 27-year-old mortgage broker with some serious abs or Drew, the 27-year-old digital marketing analyst with blue eyes to die for.

We’re still not sure if she’s going to be able to move on after last week when her first choice Brooks decided to end things, but in the Bachelorette world you never really know.

So why is Desiree the unluckiest-in-love Bachelorette in the history of Bachelor Nation? These five reasons spring to mind:

1. She likes quiet, uncommunicative guys. Throughout the season, she has complained her ex-boyfriend never told her how he felt, always leaving her guessing. It’s no surprise then that the entire season she pined for Brooks — the one guy who had yet to say he loved her.

2. She lets sketchy guys explain themselves. When Desiree heard James said some not-so-cool things about hopefully becoming the next Bachelor, she let him explain and explain himself more than once! With a handful of quality guys waiting to spend time with you, why waste time on losers?

3. Despite the fact that family is family, Desiree needs to keep her brother away from the show. Last season on The Bachelor, her brother intimidated Sean so much that he dumped her. This season, she let her brother come back to offer his opinion. Are her brother’s antics why Des always goes for the bad boys? Who knows.

4. Desiree is a sweet girl and she’s open to trusting pretty much everyone. One thing is clear – the girl needs to ask way more questions. She was always surprised when the truth came out while we, the viewers, weren’t surprised at all.

5. Don’t go on reality shows to find love! This is key to being unlucky in love, girl.