Six-year-old girl dies after being struck by vehicle that crashed into London Costco store

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The six-year-old London girl struck along with her sister and mom by a car that crashed into a south London Costco store has died.

Her name was Addison Hall.

Sources say Addison’s family decided to donate her organs and was kept on life support until the procedure could be completed.

"We said our goodbyes," said a woman who said she was close to some family members and spoke on the condition that she remain anonymous.

Asked about Addison, the woman struggled to keep her composure.

"She’s was a very loving, beautiful, happy little girl," she said. "She’s gorgeous. She was a princess."

Police on Saturday would only say the girl, 6, was in critical condition after the bizarre and horrifying crash that occurred the day before. But several people told the Free Press the child was being kept on life support until doctors could retrieve her organs.

At noon Friday, a red Monte Carlo driven by a woman in her sixties suddenly backed in to the entrance way of the busy big-box store – reversing between two pillars outside before smashing through the glass doors and inside the building.

The car struck Addison, her 3-year-old sister Miah and their pregnant mom Danah McKinnon Bozek – all who remained in hospital all weekend — before crashing to a halt against the pole between the next set of doors leading into the store.

Miah is still listed in critical condition as is a baby delivered by emergency caesarian-section on Friday.

McKinnon Bozek’s condition has been upgraded to fair, police said on the weekend.

Two other people who were hurt in the crash, as well as the driver of the car, have been released from hospital.

Police are still investigating what caused the car to go into reverse and crash into the store and whether any charges should be laid against the driver. They have not ruled out anything, but they say there is no evidence that the crash was intentional.