The worst horror movies of all time

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Picking the best horror movies for Halloween (as I did recently) is easy: There is plenty to choose from and I had to leave out some greats, including Roman Polanski’s Repulsion. But picking the worst is difficult: There are even more candidates because the horror genre attracts so many hacks making cheapo dreck.

So we restricted the new list to movies made since The Blair Witch Project revolutionized the genre with its found footage scares in 1999. That means I left out cult crap such as Night of the Lepus (1972), Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977), Maximum Overdrive (1986) and the now legendary Troll 2 (1990). In chronological order, here are 10 more recent horror movies that failed the fans:

• Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000):

Totally missing the point of their own influential original, the filmmakers hired doc director Joe Berlinger to shoot a mock-doc about what “really happened” in 1999. That was just stupid.

• Dracula 2000 (2000):

Even Rob Zombie, who makes his own rancid movies, called Patrick Lussier’s horrible horror “the most disgusting piece of s— I’ve ever seen.” Zombie was on to something and Gerard Butler stunted his career after starring in this mess.

• The Devil’s Rejects (2005):

Several Rob Zombie flicks could make my list, including Halloween II, but this entry stands out. As I wrote in my original review: “This is a training film for future wife abusers, serial rapists, psycho-torturers and killers.”

The Wicker Man (2006):

In almost any genre, no Bad List is complete without Nicolas Cage. Neil LaBute directed Cage in a clumsy remake of Robin Hardy’s 1973 cult classic — and Cage is just awful.

• The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006):

Jonathan Liebesman’s bloody prequel to Tobe Hooper’s original horror classic indulges in a complicated and utterly idiotic backstory to how Leatherface gets his saw on.

• The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made: Uncut (2008):

This is a compendium of horror monsters and cliches, coming as advertised in the title. The 2005 video version was hideous enough, but filmmaker Bill Zebub gave it another run with his Uncut version, aka The Re-make.

• Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010):

All the Saw sequels suck, especially compared to the inventive original flick. But this one from Kevin Greutert gets special discredit for jumping on the gimmicky end of the 3D craze.

• The Last Exorcism: Part II (2013):

It is not just that Daniel Stamm’s original 2010 movie lied, because it was not the last exorcism. It is that Ed Gass-Donnelly’s sequel is even worse. In fact, it is so dull and mopey it barely rates as horror.

• Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014):

As with the Saw franchise, the Paranormal Activity sequels are bad, in their case because they are so boring. But The Marked Ones gets on the list as a spinoff story. Just what we needed: more dismal mediocrity!

• I, Frankenstein (2014):

You, Aaron Eckhart, are an idiot! Stuart Beattie’s soul-destroying movie, which is set in a dystopian future, has no reason to exist. Special effects are never enough. Will Eckhart ever recover?

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