Magnotta said he took orders from two people after Lin killing, doctor says

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***WARNIING: The following story contains graphic content***

MONTREAL – Days after he was arrested in the murder of Jun Lin, Luka Magnotta said he took orders from men named "Manny" and "Robin," a psychiatrist told his trial.

Dr. Thomas Barth, who treated Magnotta in a Berlin prison, said Tuesday that the defendant had a "severe psychotic episode" related to "suspected" paranoid schizophrenia.

Barth couldn’t confirm it because he only treated Magnotta for a week instead of the month required for a firm finding.

The two met daily from June 11 to 18, 2012, just after the ex-porn actor was arrested in Berlin following an international manhunt.

The Torontonian mentioned real people like his mother then suddenly brought up others whose existence was uncertain.

He spoke of a man named Manny who allegedly took him on a harrowing trip to Miami.

"He beat me, he forced me to drink his urine and eat his feces," the psychiatrist’s report quoted Magnotta as saying.

"I had to do (oral sex) for him and he gave me money for it," read Barth’s report.

Magnotta said a man named Robin allegedly forced him to take antipsychotic drugs and also tried to poison him.

Defence lawyer Luc Leclair asked the German doctor if patients can fake mental illness.

"If you are a good actor…you can fake it," said Barth. "I doubt that you can fake it for (long)."

Magnotta admits to killing Lin, a 33-year-old Chinese student, in Magnotta’s Montreal apartment on May 25, 2012.

The 32-year-old wants a jury to declare him not criminally responsible, claiming a 13-year history of schizophrenia as well as bipolar disorder.

Barth said Magnotta usually stared into space and spoke in monotone during their meetings.

Out of the blue Magnotta would get agitated about a woman named "Debbie" who he said was spying on him with a telescope.

There was also an unnamed woman who he claimed was "recording me with a camera" and "cast a spell on me."

"His behaviour appeared, from the first moment, a bit strange," said Barth. "He seemed to be disturbed and stressed." Magnotta also talked about apparently real-life childhood trauma.

"He was talking about forced sex with his stepmother when he was 16," said the psychiatrist.

At another point, Magnotta railed against his birth mother, saying, "She’s a witch, she’s laughing at me, I hate my mother, I hate her." Under cross-examination, Barth acknowledged his report was based largely on Magnotta’s claims.

Magnotta knew who he was, where he was and the fact that he was under arrest in Berlin, Barth told prosecutor Louis Bouthillier.

The Crown says Magnotta was clear-thinking and planned Jun Lin’s murder well in advance.

A British journalist testified that Magnotta warned him six months beforehand that he would kill a person and make a movie about it.

The jury saw a video, complete with music and special effects, in which Magnotta stabbed Lin, cut off his limbs and had sex with the parts.