London bouncer strapped a Go-Pro cameras to his chest on New Year's Eve

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They may not be as cute as cats — though they are arguably as amusing — but drunk people in London won the Internet this week.

A video posted online by a London bouncer who strapped a GoPro camera on his chest for his New Year’s Eve shift has gone viral, getting more than two million YouTube views and counting just four days after it was posted.

“When I saw it hit 10,000 views, I was absolutely floored,” said Peter Williams, 25, in an email interview Tuesday. Williams, who has worked on and off as a bouncer for five years, captured the video while working at the now closed Gatsby Sound House and Bar on New Year’s Eve 2013, but only posted it last Friday.

The nine-minute video details interactions with drunk patrons and wannabe or just-kicked out patrons.

Throughout the video, as dance music plays in the background, statements from the patrons can be easily appreciated by anyone who has ever worked in a bar, or been sober at one: “Are you serious?” “It’s my brother’s birthday!” “Hit me! No not you!” “You have the wrong guy 100 per cent. I have not been with a single girl.” “Yo, this dude hooked up with my cousin in front of my face.” “I’m not in the way whatsoever.” “I just got thrown out the front. They said grab another drink.”

And on it goes.

“It’s really not that bad. I’ve seen a heck of a lot worse,” said Williams of the behaviour caught on camera. “If every bouncer had a body camera, that would seem like a quiet night at the bar.”

For two years, Williams — who has a reptile breeding business, and usually posts videos of snakes online — shared it only with friends. He decided to make it public last Friday because he no longer works at the club that is now closed.

“I woke up the next day to it being over 100,000 (views) and posted on a few news sites, then a few more, and still as I say this it’s getting shared more and more every minute,” said Williams, who has been contacted by media outlets including Vice Canada, Buzzfeed and the BBC.

“It still doesn’t feel real. It is a very strange feeling to get international attention for simply doing my job two years ago,” he said. “I am getting an incredible response.”

Though Williams can’t be seen, he can be heard throughout the video. During one conversation he matter-of-factly tells a woman he can’t let her in the bar because she has no shoes.

The statements coming from the people he is talking to are often unintentionally comical, sometimes angry.

In the comments posted underneath, many people praise his calm demeanour.

“I feel completely elated and am enjoying the respect I am getting for being a calm, patient and reasonable bouncer,” Williams said.

“I didn’t ask for this fame, but it should be a fun ride for the 15 minutes it will last.”