U of T prof: Don't 'be a flabby pushover'

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For a change, Jordan Peterson opened his mouth and wasn’t met with protesters.

The embattled psychology professor was a keynote speaker at Saturday’s Forum for Action event at the University of Toronto, a joint effort between Generation Screwed — a campus campaign initiated by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation — and Students In Support of Free Speech. Sun columnist Anthony Furey and the Rebel’s Ezra Levant were also on the bill.

Peterson has been a contentious public figure since last fall when he posted YouTube videos explaining why he would not use the gender-neutral pronouns preferred by trans or non-binary people.

You had to be a “brave son of a bitch,” to speak up, said Peterson, who urged everyone to educate himself or herself and, “Not be a flabby pushover.”

The University of Toronto prof previously stated he objects to the “poorly written legislation” in Bill C-16, which amends the Human Rights Act to include protection for gender identity or expression.

Peterson’s public speeches have previously been protested, but none picketed the event.

At the event, he touched on issues of inclusion, groups and identity and the importance of striving towards a goal. He expressed displeasure with French philosopher Jacques Derrida and appeared to reference immigration and the environment and wound up with a lament about how few of his colleagues are willing to stand with him or say what they think.

A few U.S. President Donald Trump supporters donned red ballcap hats that read ‘Make America Great Again’ in the crowd.