Children advised to: 'Look the bully in the eyes'

Scott Graham from Kids4Kids stands with Delhi Public School students Avery Tunks and Alea DeHooghe after his speech on bullying. The girls said they learned how to confidently deal with bullies after listening to his presentation. Ashley Taylor/Delhi New Record

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Delhi Public School students received a crash course on leadership on Nov. 26.

Kids4Kids, a program run by Scott Graham, travels to schools to teach students about how to be a leader in the face of bullying.

Some of the tactics taught to the students were looking bullies in the eye, standing confidently, and walking away.

Graham also spoke to the students about how to remain safe. He cited as an example always walking home the exact same way so their parents can trace their steps if they aren’t home at the time they were expected.

Throughout his presentation Graham brought students up to the front to have them demonstrate the tactics that could help diffuse a situation with a bully. He went through scenarios multiple times until the students fully understood the best way to handle themselves.

“I started it 26 years ago in Burlington,” said Graham. “I realized there wasn’t a lot in our community to help kids deal with bullying, and I dealt with bullying. I started a club with 15 kids, offered it again and had 179 kids sign up.”

Seven-year-old Delhi students Avery Tunks and Alea DeHooghe both agreed they now have the tools to stand up to a bully, whether it is them, a friend, or a stranger getting picked on.

“He taught us about bullying and how to stand up to bullies,” said DeHooghe.

The girls said they would practise the eye contact method with a picture so they feel more confident holding eye contact if they come face to face with a bully.

“You stand up to them and look the bully in the eyes,” said Tunks.

Graham hopes students take the lesson of how to deal with bullies away, but also hopes they leave with confidence.

“If they take one thing away I hope it’s that whatever makes you different as a kid makes you great as an adult,” said Graham.