New video promotes Winkler

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A new promotional video for the City of Winkler was screened at the Oct.  22 council meeting, drawing praise from councillors.

The video, which can be found on the City of Winkler Facebook page or on YouTube by searching City of Winkler, shows viewers glimpses of sports, arts, business and other aspects of the community.

Andrew Bergen of The Film Collective and videographer and producer on the project said they had one clear goal. “We wanted to really highlight what makes Winkler great,” he said.

He originally pitched the idea to the city, who responded positively, to the concept.

And while he initially knew he would highlight things like innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, there were some aspects that developed as he went along. “I wasn’t very plugged in with the arts side of things, but since I’ve been here the Winkler Arts and Culture has blossomed,” he said.

Bergen said they wanted to show what was amazing about Winkler.

“The city is growing in so many ways, it’s not so much a place you drive by and miss it…” he said. “I see it as a destination in the future.”

The project covered a year in the life of Winkler which allowed them to get footage of many events and activities. “We wanted to make sure we didn’t miss any key things,” he said.

Winkler Mayor Martin Harder was pleased with the result. “We were looking forward to an exciting promo piece that was going to reflect the values of Winkler and what we stand for and the energy it contains,” he said. “I think they did a phenomenal job of putting the video together.”

In many ways the vibrant nature of Winkler is still a secret to the outside world.

“One of the things Winkler has struggled with in decades before is simply the fact that we’re never looked at as being a real exciting community to live in from the outside world… we know it’s different,”
he said. “I think this is going to give opportunity to show the world that this is actually the new Winkler.”

Harder said people just need to look at Winkler Arts & Culture, the new skate park, the pool, the new Meridian Exhibition Centre or Bethel Park.

“Winkler’s alive and it just keeps bubbling,” he said.