Wind storm caused major damage to marina

An insurance adjustor with expertise in marine matters has been called in to assess damage to dockages at the Harbour Marina in Port Dover arising from a wind storm Halloween night. MONTE SONNENBERG / Simcoe Reformer jpg, SR

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PORT DOVER — An insurance adjuster has been called in after a violent windstorm caused extensive damage to the Harbour Marina in Port Dover Halloween night.

In a note to Norfolk council, Bill Cridland, the county’s general manager of community services, said “extensive damage” was caused to “chains, docks, supports and anchors.”

The damage didn’t appear severe at first. However, a diver who performed an examination of the marina arrived at a different conclusion. Cridland says the county’s insurer has been notified.

“The insurance company is to bring in a marina specialist to review the site sometime this week,” Cridland said in an email Monday.

“The concern with the damage is that it is all below the water level with the fastening units of the docks. The fasteners hold the dock to the bottom of the channel. I can’t even hazard a guess at the cost at this point. Once more information from further investigation is completed staff will share the information with council and, at that time, it will be public.”

The wind storm damaged some boats in dry dock as well. Also damaged were cribs they were sitting in. Cridland says their owners are dealing with the damage through their own insurers. A few docks in the marina also incurred visible damage.

The marina at the foot of Passmore Street has 381 fully-serviced slips and 74 non-serviced. The dockages are unoccupied, with nearly all boats in the marina in dry dock.