Common sense needed

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All rules and regulations should be tempered by common sense.

Recently tenants at Caledonia were advised that our apartment doors would be fitted with devices to automatically close our doors. We were also advised that tampering with these devises could cause a heavy fine.

These doors are very hard to open. I have already rescued one resident who did not get through fast enough in her wheelchair and was trapped. Others barely have the strength to open them. It is a daily struggle with walkers, wheelchairs, canes, grocery and laundry carts. Did anyone think about the fact that age often comes with weakness and poor balance? These devices have caused far more safety hazards than they were designed to fix! Many now feel trapped.

Safety regulations also state that doors should be easily opened by a young child in the dark in an emergency.

I have had reason to visit other apartment buildings in Dutton recently and find that we seem to be the only building blessed with these devices.

Could some further thought be given to this matter?

Beryl Pickering